With smart phones and  selfies ,Watu wanapiga sana picha nowdays na huhitaji mpiga picha you can take pics of yourself with your cellphone ,One way ya kujipiga picha mwenyewe is by taking selfies au mirror pictures.Tena bathroom selfies ndo huwa nyingi sanaa anyways Nimemfollow Mwamvita na kugundua kuwa she loves taking Mirror photos na am sure hapa ni nyumbani kwake because location ya picha ni ile ile so i guess huwa ana this big mirror ambayo ndo anapigia hapo picha.

So nkaona why not share her looks from the different pictures she posted.12547502_521748784669722_1545338168_n

Look one she wore this mint pants with zip on sides , a button up shirt and two toned heels.Ukipitia hizi pics utaona the same side table ya silver upande wa kushoto.12556043_186904388335483_543876419_n

Look two

she wore a pencil color blocking dress with nude heels12407478_171893906511158_232126165_n

Here she is suited up in a floral suit with black pumps.

here the door is open 11355974_1604375606518217_114453177_n

For this look she went with a floral flowy dress and a pink blazer with studded heels.

closed door 11379704_107254536276544_272789785_n

Blush of pink kinda day love the pearl necklace 11375921_1636126173266849_876035437_n

She means business with a grey look and black pumps


corporate look affair in black pants and turtle neck green top

Lady in red 11848867_191908597817270_1219462904_n

A white pencil dress with a channel bag and cute CL pumps.

Are you addicted to taking mirror pics?share with us.

Hii ni another way ya wewe ku document ur style kwa kujipiga picha kila siku and save them itakusaidia kukua ki style utagundua unapenda kuvaa nini au items gani zinaendana in ur closet kiasi next time ukivaa nguo unakuwa na better idea on how to style it.

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