Desa Mishono 12 Amazing Ya Vitenge na Lace #71

Hellow Fashionistaza

How are yall doing??

Nakuletea Mishono 12 amazing hivi ya kudea.1516314_245900795746187_1897662398_n

Off shoulder lace dress with a Peplum effect 12826061_1571303816515136_880968881_n

lace and sheer12822556_1070670419641312_1037396474_n 12818879_795543237255768_936823812_n

shades of pink11887038_771006683026101_839308824_n

another cute off shoulder dress with a trainaso-ebi

pink love,nimependa details kwa nyuma924975_1334372026589570_1227358029_n

so want this 11236031_451096141720039_364558129_n

African print mixed with lace 12819099_735970039878553_123120039_n

Kitenge peplum dress12328138_1573406779639740_143090437_n

mother daughter look12816962_450254241844051_1856277923_n

bow effect

details matters

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