Alyson and Mike’s Wedding

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Every couple strives to achieve their concept of wedding day perfection and on some level will succeed in bringing these dreams to life. For Alyson and Mike we couldn’t imagine them desiring anything more – beautiful, sophisticated, stylish and stunning on every level.
Having met online, the then future husband-and-wife-to-be exchanged a countless number of emails, text messages and phone conversations prior to their first date – creating an unbreakable bond that would be the foundation of their relationship.

As time passed their love continued to grow until Mike felt it was time for the ultimate gesture of commitment.
After having taken everything to heart Alyson had told him about her “dream proposal”, Mike remembers with complete confidence how he “had come up with a great idea on how to ask her to be my wife.” Having invited both their parents over to celebrate the Father’s Day weekend of 2015, Mike secretly had more in mind than just a regular family gathering. Upon asking Alyson to stand with him in front of their parents he expressed his love and gratitude, got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife.
The ceremony was full of overwhelming joy and emotion, from a touching moment prior to the start as Alyson and Mike shed tears of affection reading cards written to one another while dressing in their individual rooms, to Mike’s heartfelt vows for Alyson, and of course that first kiss as husband and wife.
The reception left Mike speechless, not only for how stunning his wife looked in her timeless Jovani gown, but also for a secret gift from Alyson – surprising her husband with a boudoir book that certainly completed the night.

The Groom

with her bridesmaids

church wedding


reception decor


second dress

the dance 

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