8020Fashions Men’s Style:::These Are The 3 Loafers Every Stylish Man Should Have /Own

Today’s Men’s fashion post ita concentrate kwenye type 3 za Loafers ambazo kama ni mkaka anaependa kuwa mtanashati au stylish basi wahitaji kuwa nazo au kuzijua basi ili ukikutana nazo usizipite.

1.Tassel Loafertassel Loafers (3)

can work both casually and formally, also depending on what you wear.tassel Loafers (4)You can rock these with suit,jeans and shorts Idriss (1)

Idris Sultan in Tassel Loafers
tassel Loafers (1)

2.Horsebit LoaferHorsebit Loafer (2)

These are  great for dressing up an outfit and still  remaining casual, and also for dressy looksHorsebit Loafer (1)Horsebit Loafer (1)

with jeans ,t shirt and a blazer

3.Penny LoaferPenny loafer (3)

comes in two different styles, one more casual and other more dressy but both are dressier than the Horsebit, you can always dress it up or down depending on what you wearstyle blogger

Now check the Video from Teachingmensfashion

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