Amazing Sevon Dejana’s Glam “Ohun Ijinle” (Mystery) Lookbook

I cant start to tell you how much nimependa hii collection ya Sevon Deneja ,i mean labda sababu i love red ,slits,and full dresses,toka kwa hii collection amenipa just that and more

Materials for pieces include leather, fur, suede, velvet, damask, satin, feathers, crepe and some sheer inserts

sevon-dejana-4 sevon-dejana-3 sevon-dejana-2 sevon-dejana-5 sevon-dejana-12 sevon-dejana-1 sevon-dejana-9 sevon-dejana-8 sevon-dejana-6 sevon-dejana-7 sevon-dejana-10 sevon-dejana-11

pictures thanks bellanaija

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