Get All The Decorations You Need From Eunice Decors.
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Eunice decors ndipo pa kwenda kama unataka decorations za kipekee. Kuan zia mapazia, saa, mito, mashuka, and so much more. Jionee mwenyewe kwa kuwafollow instagram. INSTAGRAM : @Eunicemjema WANAPATIKANA : SINZA MORE OPPOSITE SOKER SITE DUKA NO. 12 WASILIANA NAO : 0767 505794

Beautiful Dresses Perfect For Event Now Available At The Glamorous Fashion.
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The glamorous fashion inakuletea the latest fashion trends from US & UK  na pia wana-international shipping, utatumiwa mzigo wako popote ulipo. WANAPATIKANA :: SINZA MAPAMBANO WASILIANA NAO KWA ::+447533266014 UNAWEZA KULIPIA KWA M-PESA ::+255754095729 AU KWA TIGO PESA ::+255654507485 WAFOLLOW ::@THEGLAMOROUSFASHION

Pata Ready To Wear Designs Kutoka Kwa Katty Collection.
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Katty collection deals with African Print, African Accessories and Tailoring. This time around wameleta madira mazuri, usikose kuwatembelea ili kujionea vitu vizuri. They are located at Mikocheni, Mwai Kibaki Rd. (Behind Master Club) They’re Open: Monday – Saturday 8:000AM -7:00PM Mobile +255 757 209 174 +255 715 273 472 Whatsap +255 784 273 472 Delivery

Mitindo : AsoEbi Style
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As a fashion lover you are bound to try different styles out there, na najua kuwa kila mwanamke anapenda kupendeza in every style that she decides on. This time let us see Asoebi style, this includes mishono ya African prints, lace, satin na mitindo ya headwraps wanayofunga ili kuendana na alichovaa.. A blue lace skirt

Herieth Paul Poses Wearing Cushnie et Ochs Pre-Fall 2017 Collection.
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Tanzanian model, Herieth Paul keeps showing us how far she can go in the modeling industry, and it seems that up is the only way for her. Just recently, Herieth shared a few pictures of her posing in the beautiful collection “Cushnie et Ochs”  by Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs. The collection was inspired by

Fashionable Church Fashion Inspiration.
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Good morning, another Sunday is here and as usual we bring to you different styles from different women every single week so that your fashion sense can be inspired. Today you will see different styles from African prints and so much more.. be inspired