Beauty:: Christian Louboutin Aja na Collection za Eye Shadow za Laki Moja

The Famous red sole shoe designer anaependeza Unyayo wako sasa atapendezesha jicho lake,mwanamke jicho,anakuja na eye shadow mpya zitakua 12.

6 zitakua Matte na 6 zitakua Mettalic,kutakua na nudes na zingine nyingi.

“Tape à l’oeil means eye-catching,” explains designer Christian Louboutin in a press release. “It is a woman who exposes her femininity so that no one can miss her.” The Tape à l’oeil collection joins the ranks of the brand’s Brow Definer pencil,Oeil Vinyle liquid liner, and Les Yeux Noirs mascara. “I’ve always been fascinated with how much the eyes say,” he continued. “Eyes reveal—they have a life; they carry one’s life; what has happened in your life. It is through the eyes that you see someone’s personality.”

The Tape à l’oeil collection, retailing for $50 per wand, launches September 15 on and in stores on October 1.

Bei ni Laki moja na ushee,mnakumbuka lipstick zake alikua anauza elf 80

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