How cool when two friends love fashion and they love to play dress up in matchy matchy looks???its always fun.

Simply Palesa and Crystal Casper ni marafiki ambao wanapenda fashion,na huwa they style their looks sare sare flani hivi sometimes wanakula na madili ya kuwa brands ambassadors kwa sababu ya style yao ya ku dress up in duo looks

They looks stylish in double denim looks ,hapa japo the key point ilikuwa denims ila kila mtu alivaa kivyake .12725065_1703879933163728_677492296_n

Crystal wa kushoto alivaa skinny jeans and a denim shirt with blue platform heels while Palesa wore a high wasted jeans,white crop top and a denim vest 12628110_214375675578189_1080550243_n

their shoes

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