7 Amazing Bride Maids Dresses To Try On your Big Day

Looking for best bride maids dresses for your girls???check these out !!!!

Purple and yellow lace dresses 11262846_1433386130313461_914833280_n

Red love 12292691_1492897307679740_1942381637_n

Another light purple lace ,humo mishono kila mtu anawakwake you just look for the one that fits your style.11372517_419899748192022_1636137340_n

is this greenish???anaejua hii color atusaidie12558677_836185489823955_1018838720_n

orange and silver 1738233_1565922510402836_2099454587_n

yellow mellow12797591_197275770647098_1308871592_n

Purple ,love the details ya shingoni na mikononi

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