Dress Like A Soccer Mom

Are you a soccer Mom??au kama umekuwa invited to watch the games at ur kids school au hata kama ur going to Taifa kucheki mechi  either way its cool.Just dont go with that pencil skirt/maxi skirt/dress ,soccer moms wears dont have to look boring ,you can still slay in a simple outfit.

You can choose a clean look kama this one .12798096_932355710205325_424906040_n

Dress in white and add prints ,the prints will bring color into ur outfit which will also brighten ur look.The prints sio lazima iwe gingham yaweza kuwa stripes,polka dots au florals gingham 2

How cool is this look????white skinny jeans ,waweza opt for a t shirt badala ya button up shirt na huhitaji sweater as kuna joto labda kama wakaa Arusha au sehem zingine za baridi 

gingham 6

Na if unaona kuna joto sana huwezi vaa the blazer basi lifunge tu kiunoni basi itakuwa swag flani hivi IMG_3857

see you on the play ground 

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