Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian dressed in sheer, white, floor-length gowns suited for a red carpet
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  Kim Kardashian just got back from her trip in Dubai ,and this is the evidence kwamba Kim is back on her usual self for real ,japo amekua akivaa in baggy sports pants ,t shirt and jackets for this day she was all glam up for a shoot with her baby sister Kendall. Let’s talk

Dope Head Wrap Styles For Any Event.
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It looks like head wraps are still going strong up-to this year, watu bado wanafunga head wraps from casual occasions hadi kwenye events. It all depends with the style unayoamua kufunga. A little fashion advice inapokuja kwenye kufunga head wrap, cha kwanza unachotakiwa kujua ni kwamba kitambaa unachotumia matters, either the prints or the color,

Most worn Suits of 2017
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Kumalizia mwaka wa 2016 tucheki suit za mwaka huu ambazo zilivaliwa sana ,kuanzia white,velvet,flower power,printed,colored etc. Suti ni vazi ambalo ni formal but fashionistas wana njia zao za kulifanya liwe so chic zaidi ya ile kuvaliwa na shati tu na heels,siku hizi wanavaa braless,with accessories kama chokers ,kuvaa na tops ambazo ziko very revealing ili

You Can Never Go Wrong With An All Red Outfit During The Holidays.
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The holiday season is here na what better color to slay in kwa all the parties and dinners utakazokuwa invited kama so red. Darlings, you can never go wrong with a red outfit. Kwanzaa it makes you stand out and gives you some sort of sophistication.  So here are some red outfit to inspire you

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Models always have a way of making any type of clothing look super fashionable. From the way they dress it up to that way they walk in it. Just take a look at these 3 ways Gigi Hadid rocks sweat pants, while the rest of us look like a big pile of mess in she

Jisutishe na Pinstripe Suits
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Pinstripes are the best prints,they can take your day from boring to a wonderful one,wanasema kama wewe ni mnene vaa stripes ambazo ziko vertical utaonekana mwembamba ,zile horizontal waonekana mnene zaidi. for business women kama wataka vaa suit basi pin stripes can be worn casually au dressed up Navy blue suit Black paired with a