Crushing on These 2016 Hatinator Collection By Nigerian Accessory Label Urez Kulture

Love for Vibandiko???sio tu kwa high tea party but hata on weddings kutumia kama sare hivi vyafaa ,au brides maids wako wakavaa hata bibi harusi mwenyewe.

Nigerian accessory Label Urez Kulture gives me life they are so cute and magical,love the colors and designs.
the designer wrote ”This Collection can best be described as Magical and Whimsical. I fused the most complimentary of colours,prints and designs to make Unique,Timeless And Even More Obsessively Gorgeous Pieces.  A Hat can Evoke the Transformative Power of Fashion.”

Enjoyurezkulture (5)

Big and bold

urezkulture (4)

Pearls urezkulture (2)

Black and goldurezkulture (3)

Love this oneurezkulture (1)

Blue urezkulture (9)

Pinkurezkulture (8)

Ombreurezkulture (7)

How cute is this one???so simple but classyurezkulture (6)

Wacheki instagram Urez Kulture

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