Friday is for Casual::A Detailed Wrap Up Skirt and Gladiators From Sharon Mundia

Today is Friday and it means casual day,where we get to dress up so casually baada ya wiki nzima kuwa kwenye kanyaga twende,pencil skirt au suits.

Kenyan fashion Blogger Sharon posted this look in her blog and i fell in love with the skirt,its a cute mid skirt .

The skirt is wrapped up skirt alivaa na a sheer black top .


For accessories she had these beautiful drop earrings and gladiator/ lace up sandals.This-Is-Ess-Its-In-the-Details-Style-9closer look these are just perfect with shorts too This-Is-Ess-Its-In-the-Details-Style-5the details on the skirt

check her blog for more details

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