Get Wedding Dresses Ideas from Riki Dalal

Now days wedding dresses are made simple some complicated or dramatic but for the brides who love simple dresses ur on the right place.Kama hupendi makorokoro ,and love clean simple looks keep reading you will love these dresses.Riki-Dalal-Verona-Collection-2016_3-400x600

one of my favorite its cute ina kama kikolar(is this even a word) hivi especially kwa wale makanisani mnanyimwa kwenda na sleeveless dresses .Love the lace and some button ups Riki-Dalal-Verona-Collection-2016_5-400x600

look at her back the pearls are just perfect kazi ya mikono hiiRiki-Dalal-Verona-Collection-2016_1-400x600 Riki-Dalal-Verona-Collection-2016_10-400x600

This one its not a crop na skirt its actually a dress ila ina muungo mzuri kiunoni na wameweka sheer kwa wale wasio ogopa to show off some skinwed3

this one has pockets wed2

me nai insist tu kwa details wed Aria_Riki_dalal_BellaNaija_NoyaBridal_11-600x900 Aria_Riki_dalal_BellaNaija_NoyaBridal_7-600x900

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