Girl Child Series by the Amazing Brenda Kinemo 1&2

For people my age Brenda is our big sister who wishes us well,anataka tutoboe ,tufanikiwe ,tufikie ndoto zetu pia.

Post zake za corporate chic ni nyingi sana hapa 8020 fashions na nyingine za Mishono sababu kama wamfatilia utajua kiasi gani anapenda mishono,Baadhi ya hizo post link hiziΒ ,so ni mtu ambaye namfollow muda mrefu.

Brenda Kinemo ni Mama ,Mke ,COO at CCBRT ,she is a super woman,somene myself i look up to sio tu kwenye mavazi,au her low hair cut with a bit of brown color but ni Mwanzilishi wa GIRL CHILD.

GIRL CHILD ni series ambayo Dada Brenda ameanzisha kwenye instagram page yake akiongea na mtoto wa kike,kijana wa kike ,kumshauri ,kumuinua,kumwambia ukweli unaouma,kumpa moyo ,kumuelisha na mengine mengi.

Hii series ya GIRL CHILD sio ya rika au age flani ni kila girl child ukizisoma utapata kitu haijalishi umri wako au level ya maisha,nimekua nazisoma tangu ya kwanza hadi sasa na imenifungua sana.

GIRL CHILD is funny pia kuna maneno na sentesi za kukuchekesha ,ame changanya kiswahili na kiingereza twaita swanglish.

Hizi ni zile mbili za mwanzo

Dear girl child, can I borrow you for a minute (or two 😊)? Don’t let that fire inside you be dampened by the negative voices surrounding you.

But girl child, I have to warn you. You need to have resilience…. you really need to develop a thick skin. Hang on, you didn’t think it comes easily did you? It’s HARD work! You need to work hard (and smartly). The good thing is…. it’s all in you.Β 
You need to be consistent. Success in anything can not be achieved with what you do occasionally (hamna kitu kama hicho!); lazima ukomae nacho 😁

Girl child, thank you for telling me that I inspire you… nashukuru sana BUT girl child, I have such a long way to go. I thrive to be a better version of me everyday (I’m still learning and growing). My journey started a while ago…. well, 13 years ago to be exact when I was given my first leadership role. I’ll tell you more about this some other day (being young, working under extreme pressure, leading a team much much older than me…. not forgetting being a wife and a mother etc). Let alone my first leadership role…. girl child, I had so much learning and perseverance with my first job…. 17years ago… I gave it 110% of me. Girl child, in that job you are doing now…. you need to give it your all…. and consistently because you will get noticed. Girl child you have to trust the process.Β 
Girl child I have so much to tell you, it’s just that I need to catch up with my coursework πŸ˜‚ but I promise we’ll continue this chit chat. Because I want you to succeed and prosper… and not to be delusional that it is easy and give up when storms come your way; did I mention you should be grateful for the storms? I didn’t? Well, you should. They build and develop you…. as long as you allow them to.

Girl child, how are you preparing you for an opportunity that might come your way? Are you actively working on yourself? Oh girl child, natamani sana unielewe.

Don’t get me wrong, I have to be grateful to God’s favour but girl child you also need to do your part.

Dear boy child, I’m not leaving you behind. This is also applicable to you. Nilitaka tu kuongea na girl child leo 😊. To be continued…Β #deargirlchildBMK

2nd One

Hey girl child 😊 I’m sorry it took time for me to get back to you…. dada yako mambo mengi πŸ™ˆ
Anyways, where was I? Yes, you have to put in the work…. thank you for understanding and agreeing with me on this pheeew!

Sasa girl child, why did you not grab that opportunity? I mean, why??? Girl child, you need to work on your confidence 😊 Hivi, do you really think you will have ALL qualities they are looking for, for that job opportunity? Absolutely NOT! Girl child, you have a great attitude…. that’s always a good start.Β 
Girl child, don’t be too comfortable hapo ulipofikia.. please don’t! Do me a favour; can you grab a piece of paper and pen and start making a plan? Don’t be random… always start with a plan. But girl child you talk too much… but you don’t have anything on paper πŸ™Š Girl child, feedback is for reflection and nothing else (so don’t take it personal). Girl, I just want you to prosper! A plan has to have “What” “Who” “When”. Don’t just vomit a to do list on that paper and call it a plan.

Why are you so scared of failing? It’s OK to admit that you “don’t know”… I mean, you need to allow yourself to be vulnerable (and humble enough to admit it).
I promise you, you will get much more respect if you actively seek to learn and your readiness for a challenge will not go unnoticed 😁

Girl child, why are you so caught up with perfectionism? No… you can’t do it all by yourself (and it’s ok). Girl child, have you ever heard of a support system? No? Let’s save this for another day. You soo need it!Β 
Ok… need to support my totos with their homework. We’ll catch up soon girl child 😊 
One more thing, you do matter…. always remember that!


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