Girl Child Series by the Amazing Brenda Kinemo 5&6

GIRL CHILD ni series ambayo Dada Brenda ameanzisha kwenye instagram page yake akiongea na mtoto wa kike,kijana wa kike ,kumshauri ,kumuinua,kumwambia ukweli unaouma,kumpa moyo ,kumuelisha na mengine mengi.

Hii series ya GIRL CHILD sio ya rika au age flani ni kila girl child ukizisoma utapata kitu haijalishi umri wako au level ya maisha,nimekua nazisoma tangu ya kwanza hadi sasa na imenifungua sana.

GIRL CHILD is funny pia kuna maneno na sentesi za kukuchekesha ,ame changanya kiswahili na kiingereza twaita swanglish.


You’ve got the job??? Yeeeeey! I’m sooo proud of you girl child 😊

Sasa girl child, being a manager you’ll need to step up. Girl child… you are no longer in the midst of the team… you are now a leader. Don’t get too intertwined with the team mpaka ikawa ngumu to lead them. Don’t get me wrong girl child, teamwork is crucial but know your role!
Let me warn you girl child, as you start climbing the career ladder it gets more lonely….
Remember how you and your colleagues used to talk (if I put it lightly 😁) about the “boss”…guess what, you are now the “boss”. Dooon’t panic… calm down.

Girl child, you are no longer the “do-er”; you have to start delegating to your team. I know how much you like to get things done…I know girl child BUT you are now a leader girl child, you have to allow your team to “do” and fail and learn. Don’t deprive them with the opportunity to learn.
I have so much to share with you on this; let us save it for later.

I’ve been meaning to talk to you about this lately… it’s just that I didn’t find the right time.
Girl child; can you just forgive them? Please just forgive them. Do it for yourself. I’m sorry… didn’t mean to make you cry. But you’ve become sooo bitter…. and you need to let go. It’s holding you back girl child. It’s OK, just cry it out… just cry. I’m not asking you to forget…but I’m asking you to forgive.
Just breathe….breathe…here, take a tissue.
You have to forgive them… because they’ve hold you in captivity. Let go, please. The inner you will thank you for it.

Sasa you’ll make me cry…. but I won’t ask you to stop crying as you release the heaviness from within. Just breathe…. and forgive.

I’ll let you be for now. But thank you for allowing yourself to forgive.

Oh yeah? You feel a bit lighter now? I’m glad. It’s a process.
Ngoja nisikuchoshe…. I believe it’s your breakthrough; starting with a clean slate.
We’ll catch up soon 😊



Hey girl child….. what a day! What do you mean you’ve missed me? Si jana tu tumeonana? Anyways, I had to make sure the girls are done with their homework kwanza before we start with our chit chat 😁
Hang on, is that boy child? Yes it is… let’s wave at him. Why not? Kwani what’s up between the two of you? On a second note; never mind! Let’s save it for another day.
Sasa girl child, I’ve been noticing your behaviour lately, to be honest girl child, I’m not impressed. Kuwa manager imekuwa nongwa? Usianze kuwa defensive. Girl child I need you to hear me very well. Am I speaking to the listening? Great!

You’ve got it all wrong girl child… don’t get caught up with “titles” as they come and go. You have only made a first step of your career ladder and you think you are already at the top! Daah… Hivi kwa nini all of the sudden you think you can treat your team with disrespect? Girl child, respect is earned. Heard of a book “Humble inquiry?” Oh I forgot, you don’t read books. Can you make an effort for this book?
Girl child, each step you climb on your career ladder, it needs a different version of you. Girl child, your team will mirror your behaviour… sasa wewe huwezi ukaexpect something from wao whilst you yourself are not practising that behaviour…. hivi unanielewa?
Girl child I need you to step up! You think you can not be easily replaced? Usinichekeshe πŸ˜‚ Girl child you are not doing yourself any favours. Hivi unajua wale nao they also want your job? Girl child I’m taking my precious time to talk to you…. girl child… wake up!
Girl child you have so much to learn and you need to be humble to allow yourself to learn. Learning is a painful process but it’s part of the process girl child.
By the way, you look pretty today 😊 I see you are making an effort.

I have to love you and leave you girl child! Dada yako mambo mengi.

Catch up soon girl child.


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