Girl Child Series by the Amazing Brenda Kinemo 7 & 8



Hey girl child! It’s been a minute 😊 How am I? I’m ok, had a date night last night… and today had majukumu ya kikanisa 😊

What? Yesterday you stayed at work till late? But why girl child? Noo girl child… we need to talk about ruthless prioritising your to do list. Well, it’s a simple way to categorise your daily tasks girl child; what is urgent to be done by you, what should be delegated and what should be eliminated. Find time and go on YouTube and search for “Ruthless Prioritisation”. Usinitolee macho girl child, it’s for your own good… feed that mind girl child.

Sasa girl child, why are you wearing that sleeveless top whilst your armpits are a mess… usicheke…. just look at yourself. Girl child, can you be conscious about these things? Usichukulie poa!

Anyways, are you done with your plan yet? No? Really? Are you being serious girl child? Unajua unanivunja moyo? Girl child, I’m really trying not to give up on you… can I also see you making an effort?

By the way, I’ve seen how you are comparing yourself with lady Wakanda. Why girl child? Girl child can you trust the process? You want to skip years of your own learning by comparing yourself with someone who has been in their own journey for 17yrs? Coooome on girl child! Why are you doing that to yourself? Don’t get me wrong girl child. You should be inspired by lady Wakanda but you can’t live her lifestyle… you’ve just started your journey girl child. Your time will come…. usitafute short-cut girl child; just enjoy your journey and the learning that will come with it.

Halafu girl child, are you being serious? Kweli hao ndio marafiki zako? Really? What value are they adding to your life? This is very important girl child. Choose your circle very wisely, they will play an important role to make you or brake you. Can you reflect about your friends? I mean meaningful reflection. This is something you have to do for yourself girl child…. I can’t do it for you.

You’ve got to go? Sawa…. it was good to see you. I’m not done with you yet 😁

Usisahau hizo armpits! Catch up soon girl child.

Oooook girl child, I’ve heard you! So, you want to tell me there is nothing positive about today? Hivi kwa nini unapenda kulalamika sana?

Girl child, we have to talk about GRATITUDE! Don’t give me that look! Yes, you heard it right, gratitude. What are you grateful for today? I know child, you had a tough day… “horrible” as you put it BUT even for such days you have to look a bit harder for something to be grateful for. Let me give you a minute to reflect…. yaani basically our chit chat is put on hold mpaka you find something to be grateful for 😁

You see, you did it!!! Well done. My humble request to you kila siku… mshukuru Mungu. Girl child, thank him, like you mean it. For the things you see and for those you don’t or can’t see because he is busy juu yako.

Speaking of God girl child, how are you feeding your Spiritual being? How are you taking care of yourself spiritually? Hivi biblia ndio mpaka Sunday kwenye “neno la leo”? Kweli uko serious? Girl child, your phone is full of “Apps” from playstore…. but I don’t see any App that feeds your Spiritual being. I promise you, feeding your Spiritual being is a basic need. Utanielewa tu girl child! We’ll talk about this more girl child…. By the way, what is that you are wearing leo? Eti “it’s the in thing”? Girl child don’t strive to be trendy… as not all “trends” concern you. Sawa? Find a style that suits you and stick to it. Sijasema uwe boring! Am I speaking to the listening here? Halafu that length is not appropriate for work! Haya baaaaasi…. maana naona you you are turning colours 😊

The fact that I have not asked about your plan doesn’t mean nimesahau. I was just hopeful that utaniambia you have finally done it. Oh great, you’ve started? I’d love to see it next time 😊

Ok girl child, we’ll catch up soon. Go and be a blessing x


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