From Zari the Boss Lady ,Glammadam,Bhoke Egina and more on the Look We Loved

Some of the look we loved this past week.11379986_209544622738979_1305552039_n

Glammadam rocking her maxi skirt from mimiamina,styles it with a white silk top


Moja ya trending za mwaka 2016 ni all white 12822468_915479268551086_1592480436_n

The stylist Swalha in her comfy ensemble ,denim on denim with red trainers10362167_1708821666068671_1198759375_n

Bhoke is looking good in her ripped jeans 12328215_416774838533664_1478898178_n

Zari the boss lady exploring  Germany in winter clothes ,short black dress,boots,and long hoodie sweater/coat


Juma Jux and Izzo Business,Juma is wearing black and a striped t shirt,whole Izzo is wearing moja ya trends ofr spring 2016 a red bomber jacket10499082_1664358977170655_1639254094_n

Street style from Aika and Navy Kenzo1168687_1080735365281347_2108682860_n

Swalha wore a red pencil skirt with black top and belted it.10375641_1735331393390883_442900046_n

Lina is slaying on the street in a denim jeans,printed t shirt and casual kicks

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