His and Hers Style Casual Looks

This is a south African Couple who loves to dress up hata kama hawatavaa sare basi kuna touch flani flani lazima wawe nazo wote iwe shoes or matching bags etc.shauntystyles (5)

A casual day out in jeans,matching converse ,and white on top
shauntystyles (18)

Another look features white and animal prints with a touch of colors kwa bi dada akivaa boshori wakati kaka alitupia a scarf.shauntystyles (11)

some days are for black and gold
shauntystyles (3)another way to wear jeans  is with brown shoes and LV bags
shauntystyles (10)

Pink affair for the couple in un belted jeans ,pink sneakers and t shirts
shauntystyles (8)

Matching their bottoms and timberland boots
shauntystyles (20)

they love their LV bags and flipflopsshauntystyles (19)

They are masters of re rocking shauntystyles (6)

A couple who dresses together stays together
shauntystyles (7)

Winter looks in white jeans  and over sized jackets plus matching ties and black shoes.

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