Kanye West Means Business,the opening of his Pablo Pop Up Shop Ilifurika Kiasi cha Kufunga The whole block

3258BCFC00000578-3499721-image-a-81_1458351401552Yes the rapper turned designer Kanye West kaonyesha kuwa bado designs zake zinapendwa kwa hii grand opening ya Pable pop Up shop huko New York City ,funs walifurika sana japo wengine waliponda nguo ni bei ghali sana na hazina muonekano mzuri well others think other wise maana hao fans walojitokeza mpaka kufungwa kwa the whole block.3258BD9600000578-3499721-image-a-90_1458352505194

this is how funs turned up sio kwa foleni hiii

halafu walikuwa restricted to only but two items seriously????kulikuwa na shortage ya nguo au watu walikuwa wengi sana walitaka kila mtu apate????

fans waiting the shop to be open am sure hapa wali take selfies kuchat and all


Bei ya nguo ilikuwa priced at $35 and even $400 ,ITS KANYE DEAL WITH IT


The Police had so much to do

wengine walinunua na kuvaa hapo hapo

the items

denim jackets 32586A7200000578-3499721-image-a-88_1458351769826

hoodies 3258BD0600000578-3499721-image-a-83_1458351427106

funs showed off what they purchased 325869B700000578-3499721-image-m-92_1458355192206

the hats3258698E00000578-3499721-image-m-86_1458351550110

t shirts

kanye tweeted this kuwa ambia funs all the details of the shop3259297400000578-3499721-image-a-68_1458351192047 325865D800000578-3499721-image-a-80_1458351371165

Kanye rocking one the hoodies to the gym

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