Katy Perry aweka Rekodi ya kua mtumiaji wa Kwanza kupata Followers Million 100 kwenye Tweeter

Wakati wengine tukijikongoja kupata followers instagram Katy Perry ameweka Historia baada ya kuwa mwanadamu wa kwanza kupata followers million 100.

Tweeter wali announce na kusema  ‘Today we #WITNESS history,’ Twitter said Friday in a tweet, referencing the title of Perry’s recently released fifth album.
‘Congratulations @katyperry, the first to reach 100 million followers! #LoveKaty.’

Katy aliishukuru tweeter ‘Thank you, @Twitter, for always giving me an opportunity to have a voice!’

‘I built up this Katy Perry thing that everybody knows and that’s the reason why they’re tuning in and it’s fantastic, but it’s more of a facade,’ she told the therapist Siri Singh.

‘I’m human and I’m living under this crazy microscope,’ she said, tears smudging her mascara.

Singer Justin Bieber trails on Twitter with just under 97 million followers while Obama has 90.8 million.

Perry’s pop rival Taylor Swift has 85 million.




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