Kelly Rowland Looks Stunning in a Wrap skirt,check how she styled it


Kelly Rowland is a fashionable woman ,na huwa nguo zinampendeza .She was spotted kwa fashion show huko Paris kwenye show ya Lavin .31D2C99400000578-0-image-a-28_1457040700006

she was in a monochromatic look ndani ya this black wrap skirt kama zile Iro and Buba but she pared the skirt with a white silk blouse 31D2CA5D00000578-0-image-a-34_1457041965720

this is whats effortlessly chic means 31D487CD00000578-3475751-image-a-33_1457050956819

yani she killed it kumalizia na this black coat,love her fringe sandals 31D2F96700000578-3475663-image-m-111_1457046612716

huko pia alikuwa na Ciara  31D2CB4700000578-3475663-image-m-94_1457045385895

Ciara nae donned in this white look with her boyfriend Russel ,naona waliona wavae coordinated looks

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