Kendall Jenner Looks stylish in Kendall + Kylie Gingham Crop Halter Top and High Waist Trousers

kendllndkylie (3)

the young Jenner’s wame launch collection yao ya Kendall+Kylie na katika uinduzi walivaa vivazi toka kwa collection yao.

Nilivutiwa na kivazi cha Kendall zaidi,she is a stylish model ,alivaa this high wasted Gingham trousers na a matching Crop Halter Top.

kendllndkylie (4)

ali accessorize na mule sandals na a simple choker necklace

kendllndkylie (1)

love the fabric na mshono ,so simple and sstylish kendllndkylie (2)

from Kylie nilipenda her shoes

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