Kim and Kanye Take Baby North Shopping

Kimye walitoka na binti yao wa kwanza for shopping and this is what they wore3229DDEB00000578-3490612-image-m-21_1457903862132

Kanye wore all black kasoro tu his grey Yeezy sneakers,North wore animal print dress juu ya printed t shirt 322A086C00000578-3490612-image-a-43_1457905633399

While Kim had her cornrows again ,with a ripped jeans,t shirt and an over sized Military Jacket on top322A079000000578-3490612-image-a-44_1457905642205

North nae kasuka kama mama yake how adorable are they???3229DCDF00000578-3490612-image-a-20_1457903857834

The West girls 3224227200000578-0-image-m-54_1457846603212

Hapa Kim and Kanye going for a movie date,Kim is re rocking her ripped jeans,over sized leather jacket iloandikwa slay and chill kwa mikono with orange Tom Ford ankle strap sandals

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