Kim Kardashian for kimkardashian for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia September Cover channeling her style icon Cher

Mtu kama Kim Kardashian japo anatu inspire wengine kwenye baadhi ya mambo kama fashion ,yeye mwenyewe style icon wake ni CHER halaf pia cher anatokea Armenia just like Kim.

Kim amekua fan wa Cher style mwenye zile style za zamani za disco flani hivi.

‘I always look up to other Armenian women,’ Mrs Kanye West told the publication. ‘I have deep family roots that are similar to hers.’ She doesn’t mind her look either: ‘Cher always had the sickest style, I’m obsessed with her. To think that she was wearing these sheer dresses in the ’70s and just what people must have thought back then.’

huyu ndo Cher

According to daily mail

Kim ameshafanya risky interviews with naked pictures sijui kama kuna kitu kim hajafanya but anasema hajutiii   has she told the magazine she has no regrets: ‘At the end of the day I still have to be me.

‘If doing sexy shoots makes me feel confident, then I’m okay with it. That might not be appropriate for some people, and there’s a time and a place. There’s certain things I’ll show my kids and certain things I won’t show my kids. But generally I am okay with it. In moderation.’

She also has an opinion of being a sexy mom. She has North, aged four, and Saint, age one, with West.

‘More power to the moms that look really good, work really hard, do what they can so that they still feel sexy, still feel good about themselves. I don’t think for a second that because you become a mom you can’t be sexy any more.’

And as far as online haters, she’s over it. ‘I hope it changes. I hope people stop being so negative. We can only go further if everyone uplifts each other and supports one another.’

Kim ametokea kwenye magazine hii sababu anatarajia kufanya Fragrance launch huko middle East ambayo itakua special sababu ya eneo hilo #ARABMONEY .

Mambo ya OUD

‘I’ve always wanted to create a scent that the women in the Middle East would really like,’ she said.

The scene is an oud and gardenia blend. ‘I’ve never had a scent that’s exclusive for the Middle East.’

The fragrance comes in a bottle based on a healing crystal.

‘I started to think how special it would be to have something that you spray on yourself that had those healing components in it. It’s like having good energy, good positive vibes,’ she said.

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