Kim Kardashian Reveals Yeezy Season 6 Collection in a unique way

Kim Karashian just  marketed Yeezy season 6 ,all 16 outfits she wore in two days,watu tukajua its just her new look but no its Kanye’s Yeezy 6 collection.kwakweli hii ni relationship goal.

Clabasas was her runways maana alikua anatafuta mahali pa kwenda ili apigwe picha zianze kusambaaa ,using Kim as her Muse was a great move for Kanye maana mwili wake ulivyojaa na hiyo shape unafanya nguo zionekane nguo.

Color za nguo ni neutral just like how Kanye style himself

Baadhi ya items ni kama sports bras($300), sweatpants ($300), sock boots ($715), minimalist heels ($615), a bodycon dress ($500) na nyingine

So Kanye ali ditch kwenye New York Fashion Week kuonyesha collection yake hii mpya which is tradition to most designer but aka amua kuja na something very different for this collection and the plan worked ,they left the jib to the paparazzi ambao walichukua shots of Kim Kardashian West zote 16.

All looks were styled by Carine Roitfeld

Kanye ame stick to his neutral color pallet he new pieces range from hues of brown, black and gray to a pretty new shade of dusty blue,Yeezy Season 6 introduces some fresh Kanye West designs like high-waisted wide-leg pants, a trench coat and a shearling-lined jacket.

Kila outfit in occasion yake ya kuvaa unapoenda kama “McDonald’s run Yeezy,””Smoothie run Yeezy,””Delorian ride Yeezy,””Coffee Run Yeezy,””Office Run Yeezy,””Late Night Run Yeezy” etc

So here is the collection

1.”McDonald’s run Yeezy

2.Smoothie Run

3.Delorian ride Yeezy,

4.Coffee Run Yeezy,

Viatu vipya kutoka kwa Yeezy

5.Office Run Yeezy

6.Late Night Run Yeezy

7.Errands run Yeezy

8.FedEx run Yeezy

9.Meetings Yeezy

10.Getting gas Yeezy

love this color

11.Date night Yeezy

12.Phone calls Yeezy

14.Business meetings Yeezy

15.Chill Yeezy

16.Calabasas Yeezy

which features a very good hooded and shearling-lined jacket

17.Storage unit run Yeezy

18.Kit Kat run Yeezy

what do you guys think of this New Yeezy Season 6???


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