Kipilipili wanajibu mwaswali unayojiuliza mara kwa mara kuhusu Natural hair (Kipilipili)

Kwa sasa hivi Hapa Tanzania wasichana wengi wameamua ku embrace vipilipili vyao ,iwe kwa rough dreads au kuzisuka kawaida au hata kunyoa na kuchana tu ile kawaida.Kuna maswali mengi sana huwa yanaulizwa kuhusu natural hair.Kama vile je mtu alienyoa anakua considered natural???na mengine mengi.

Tukawatafuta Kipilipili hawa wanafanya natural hair movement hapa bongo,wako vizuri wana experience pia

page yao ni hii kipilipili

  1. What does it mean to have natural hair? –  Having natural hair means confidence, liberation, self-love, self-appreciation and being apprciative of what you’ve been born with.
  2. Mtu alonyoa nywele zote/bald anakua considered kua natural??? – Hahahahaha, really? yes they are natural since hawana nywele.
  3. What are the different types of hair textures? – Kuna aina kuu nne; Type 1 (Straight), Type 2 (Wavy), Type 3 (Curly) and Type 4 (Kinky) and they all come as A, B &C.
  4. What does it mean by the big chop? – A big chop means cutting off all your relaxed hair, leaving your hair to grow naturally.
  5. If am natural how do i keep my hair healthy, few tips, please – Three key things to do, always moisturize your hair, deep condition your hair and avoid at all costs direct heat. We know naturalistas tend to be obsessed with long hair and want to comb out our afro all the time, but in order for your hair to grow, stop over-manipulating your hair and stick with protective styles that will enhance healthy growth.
  6. How do one make kipilipili grow? – Always learn the basics before breaking the rules. the basics are simple, don’t be a product junky (pick products that work with you and stick to them) and listen to what your hair wants (don’t jump from one advice to another. Pick a routine that works for you and stick to it).
  7. Please recommend different hair products that work well and are available in Tanzania – Kinky Curly, Giovanni and our local oils such Kaara, Cocozania, Nuya Essense, Alinda etc. These brands work well with every hair type. However, for individual recommendations, Kipilipili is always happy to give out consultation.
  8. How is the natural hair movement in Tanzania? Je, watu wanaitikia wito wa ku go natural na ku embrace their natural hair or not? Kwa mtazamo wetu, natural hair imepata muitikio mkubwa kwani hata wale wenye kuona vibaya kuwa na natural hair sasa hawaisi aibu kuomba msaada wa jinsi wa kutunza nywele. People are now recognizing that having natural hair is not a trend but a lifestyle. Of course, as women sometimes we need a change, go ahead and have that change, choose protective styles such as braids, twists, wigs, crotchets etc. but do take care of your natural hair inside and don’t give up on your hair.
  9. Tell us about Kipilipili movement, what you do, your motto – We are an online retail store that caters for natural hair products. Our purpose is to inspire, empower and encourage women to embrace their natural hair and be proud as women to wear our crowns and exude confidence. One thing we always say here at Kipilipili is that all hair is good hair and don’t get obsessed with another person’s hair as this brings negativity towards your own hair. Embrace your texture and don’t let the society define what’s beautiful to you. We will be talking more about this on the 4th November when we launch Kipilipili Expo. For more details check out our social channels.
  10. The AfrokinkyAwards – We were honoured and humbled to be nominated for the most influential natural hair blogger award. Big congratulations to Natural Hair Tanzania for winning that category. This is a movement that still needs to grow its roots deeper into the ground, hence when one wins we all win as this shows that our voices are being heard
  11. What led you to start this movement, when did you start, your address if someone needs to consult you –  We started the movement out of frustration, we needed products and most products were either too expensive or not available in Tanzania. That’s when we decided to launch our online store early 2016 and also we made it our mission encouraging women and use education to empower women to embrace their natural hair and beauty.  We have our website that has different reading materials for those who would like to go natural and those who would like to know the basics. We are also on Facebook –, Instagram – Kipilipili.comtz and Facebook Group – TZ Naturals
Karibuni sana kwenye Kipilipili Expo 2017 will be on 4th November. More details where the event will take place, visit our social sites, will keep you updated.

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