How Mariah Carey Wore this White Fur Coat twice

Mariah yupo London for some concerts and wengi wakiwa wanalalamika kuwa anachelewa ,show ya kwanza alichelewa for 45 minute nyingine  half an hour ,well with all the glamm up lazima achelewe anajisemeaga wendy Willaim Mariah is a Diva so naelewa why anachelewaga am sure mpaka awe ready aridhike ndo mengine yanafata.3281025D00000578-3506722-image-a-75_1458766775072

Kwenye one of the show she wore this pink sequined dress with a side high slit.327FD45200000578-3506722-image-a-52_1458764711537

Showing some cleavage off,she paired her dress with this fluffy coat and gold peep toe ankle pumps327FD42200000578-3506722-image-a-56_1458764930186

Anakashda kibao huku miwani na hili ji koti looh 3282285100000578-3507247-image-m-149_1458796010417

for another concert she wore this dress with one one cape sleeve ,she kept the same hair style though,Mariah anaonekana ame loose some few pounds tofauti na mwaka jana alivyokuwa ,am sure life is good ,she is a mother,engaged to a billionaire and she still get concerts utake nini tena. 3282D82800000578-3507247-image-a-7_1458808125183

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