Not so many men out there can style themselves up and end up looking so good, but this one  here has done a pretty good job, anapendeza kuanzia classy hadi casual otfits.

Take a few tips and pass it along kwa yule utakayoona itamfaa..

Wearing shades of blue, the suit and those shoes

men fashion 2

I think hii look ni ya a casual day at the office like Friday. The pop of orange sweater na the Adidas shoes..very dope.

men fashion 3

A full black suit with a brown turtle neck tshirt kwa ndani na brown shoes.

men fashion 4

Looking like the popular kid in the dorky glasses

men fashion 5

men fashion

Perfect for the weekend out with friends. Love how he mixes up casual and classy, wearing a ribbon tie with his shirt,  denim jacket, trousers zake kakunja

men fashion 6

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  1. Hi There,

    Denim Jacket is awesome. I have few but this one is just amazing. A Must have
    for boys. A perfect one for hangout with friends.

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