Nancy Sumari Styles her Wig

Well she is a naturalista but right now she wears wigs ,she is still natural but ameamua kujaribu something different.

Which is fine kila mtu anataka changes right ????but the good thing ni kwamba inside her wigs she is still natural ,na ata acha kuvaa wig one day and flaunt her hair .

kwa wale wanaopenda kuvaaa wigs au weaves well she can inspire you on how to style yours .

Wearing her hair down on the back 

hizi ndo zile style very simple una amka unachukua wig lako wavaa unalichana and your on the door

Back pony tails am sure mlocheki video ya Nancy on zezetv mngeona alivyobana kwa nyuma.

Side swept hair do

so cute

that side braid

kama hukucheki her video on zeze tv here is the link


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