Throwback to the Neghesti Sumari Foundation hosts International Women’s Day Congress.

Hii ilikuwa women’s day ya mwaka jana 2016

The Neghesti Sumari Foundation hosted a panel discussion on progress towards parity on March 7th. This was done in honor of the International Women’s Day.

The congress took place in the Buni hub which is based at Costech Building in Dar es Salaam. The panel consisted of Dr.Ester Mwaikambo, Monica Joseph, Dorice Mollel, Anna Mghwira.

The main topic was about Women equality in todays’ society. I agree with this especially when it comes to the choices of subjects,career and how to live life.

Yes,little girls may have dreams but when they are women they have visions. And this visions can only be made if one focuses on them and shut down the odds.

It is an ambition for every woman to shine in life but most of the time it is a challenge.Is it because of the male gender or fear to be perceived differently in terms of culture. It was a discussion that motivated women to be free to do something new and they also came with various ways to grow and develop in the society.

I admired how a lady from MEWATA commented that women already have their rights so it is up to them to act upon them. We need to empower ourselves before we are so by other.This also links in by the adage that says ‘how you package yourself determines how you will be received’.

Having our rights and being treated equally is not only thing we need but proving that we can contribute majorly then that is a great step. It does not matter how people come into our lives and try to put us down but as long as you know that it will benefit the country then it is up to us.















As women we are entitled to be self driven and hardworking.It is also about time we quit shading each other but compete healthy, everything that we do counts.Therefore, in order for us to achieve our visions in life we must first strive to be women of substance and integrity because through that our character which is build by how we portray ourselves will sustain us.

Happy Women’s Day!

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