Naona miaka ya sasa ya fashion ni collabo tu za madesigner na makampuni au designers na wanamuziki etc etc,na zinakuwa siku hizi very successful naona ndo maana zinaendelea.nikelab-riccardo-tisci-travis-scott-vogue-01

Gyvenchy wanacolaborate na Nike kutengeneza high end sneakers,model Joan Smalls na rapper Travis Scott wamo kwa campeni hiyo hata rapper Fety Wap pia.The collectionitakuwa out in July.

 “The shapes are all brand new,” Givenchy artistic director Riccardo Tisci told the Financial Times. “They’re all Riccardo Tisci shapes. The purpose was to bring a new volume, a new concept to the sports industry, but respecting the functionality and performance of Nike.” If the massive popularity of both brands is any indication, we have a feeling this collaboration will sell out in record-breaking time.nikelab-riccardo-tisci-travis-scott-joan-smalls-vogue-02lets hope the new kicks will be amazing NikeLab-Riccardo-Tisci-Training-Redefined-Collection-2016-800x450 nikelab-riccardo-tisci-fetty-wap-cameron-russell-vogue-03

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well wale wa designer mkae mkao wa kula.

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