Hii post inawahusu wadada na wakaka because hata wadada tunavaa suit na yes wote waweza vaa suit hio na trainers,Kama mdada umechoka heels vaa sneakers/loafers na wakaka hali kadhalika.

Ukivaa Suti na sneakers unakuwa more casual na waweza vaa hata kwenye red carpet ,at work siku za casual friday’s ,to weddings etc.suitwithsneakers (13)Kama muonekano wako una pieces ambazo zina stand out ,go with snimple sneakers kama pharell Williams ,anapolka dot shirt na red tie hakuhitaji tena white or colored sneakers ingekuwa too much.

suitwithsneakers (12)

Double breast blazer with combo pants and white sneakers suitwithsneakers (10)

Checkered suit with blue sneakers
suitwithsneakers (7)

this look is so polish it hurts (kidding)suitwithsneakers (8)

match ur accessories suitwithsneakers (11)

when you go for a white suit ,go with colorful trainers suitwithsneakers (3)

grey and blacksuitwithsneakers (4)

blue suit and white sneakers  suitwithsneakers (1)

for more casual look add a hat

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