Serena Williams Akava Jarida la vanity Fair akiwa mtupu na kuonyesha Ujauzito wake

This is what they by BE BOLD lol

Go big or go home

Serena Williams ndiye anaepamba kurasa za mbele za jarida la Vanity Fair akiongelea mambo kibao kuhusu tennis,maisha ,mapenzi ,ujauzito nk

She is proudly to pose nude and show off her baby bump on the August issue of Vanity Fair

How she discovered kwamba ana ujauzito

DESPITE the vomiting and enlarged breasts, tennis superstar Serena Williams was certain she wasn’t pregnant.

It was only at the urging of pal Jessica Steindorff did the sporting ace agree to take a pregnancy test in early January — mainly to shut her friend up.

“I’ll take it just because (a) to prove you wrong and (b) because it’s fun, whatever,” she explained in the July issue of Vanity Fair, on whose cover she has bared all. “It’s like a joke. Why not?”

Serena says she will return to the tennis circuit as soon as January because “I don’t think my story is over yet.”

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