Serena Williams Covers February Issue of Vogue Magazine with her Baby Girl Alexis Olympia

Serena Williams looks amazing while holding her baby girl  Alexis Olympia with one hand on the cover of Vogue Magazine the February issue.

After her amazing arrival of her baby girl which she said on the magazine ,she had her through emergency c section ilopelekea complications na kufanyiwa surgeries

The day after she gave birth, Williams told staff that she was concerned that she had developed blood clots, and a scan found several in her lung

She was given a drip with an anticoagulant medication, having gone off those drugs just before giving birth to Alexis

Her c-section scar then opened from the coughing caused by her pulmonary embolism and her abdomen filled with her recently-thinned blood

A filter had to then be inserted in a major vein to keep blood clots from travelling to her lungs and she was put on bed rest for the next six weeks

The came the wedding which we wrote a post her ,she wore amazing dresses but out favorite was the Alexander Wang cape dress 

Alexis Olympia is the youngest person to cover Vogue in the magazine’s history, and her mom Serena said she will try to give her a normal, tennis-free life

‘Personally I’d like to see her get into politics. Why not run for president?’ said Serena’s friend Billie Jean King of her post-tennis life

Mama and Papa Alexis



women in her life (clockwise from top left) half-sister Isha Price, sister Venus Williams and her mother, Oracene Price

with her sister venus


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