Spotted Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Went to Church Together on Easter Sunday

Hamna anaejua status ya relationship kati ya Khloe and Lamar sababu Khloe anasema yeye ni mkarimu ndo maana bado anamsaidia Lamar etc etc whatever they have going on Lamar bado ana nafasi kubwa sana kwenye maisha ya Khloe sababu hawaja divorce ila kama wametengana hivi this is so complicated .khloendlamargoestochurchoneaster (7)

So the family went to church huko Agoura Hills kwenye Easter Sunday na Lamar alikuwepo as they say the family that pray together stay together.Penelope is carrying such a cute bag

khloendlamargoestochurchoneaster (4)

Lamar was spotted wearing a grey hood over a  white long-sleeved T-shirt, with black jeans and white trainers. khloendlamargoestochurchoneaster (5)

Lamar looks real good ,shavu dodo
khloendlamargoestochurchoneaster (3)Khloe was holding Penelope while dressed in a retro white suit with a sheer bodysuit underneath, along with a matching large hat with white heels.I hope they finish their difference warudiane such a cute couple.
khloendlamargoestochurchoneaster (1)Kourtney was in a palazzo pants and a lace top
khloendlamargoestochurchoneaster (8)

indeed God is Good

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