How Style One Dress in Multiple Ways ,Learn from Her

When you have a dress that you can style it in so many ways ,na ni kwa kuchange mikanda yake na kuistyle kitofauti tofauti.Anaelezea pia jinsi ya wewe kufunga hii mikanda ya gauni

lets go IMG_3694

look one aliita THE BACKLESS CHOKER

Step 1: Take both pieces and pull over the shoulders wrap in one piece around the neck.

Step 2: Pull straps and wrap around the back shoulder and under the arm

Step 3: Twist and wrap around the waist to the front and tie picking the tip of both straps.



Step 1: Take both pieces at the front and twist to the side

Step 2: Continue over the shoulder diagonally over the back

Step 3: Seperate both pieces and wrap around the waist

Step 4: Tie in a knot to secure




Step 1: Take both pieces and tie in a knot at the front

Step 2: Take pieces over the shoulder to the back

Step 3: Pull straps to the front tie in a knot and let the pieces hang.




Step 1: Take both sections and cross at the front

Step 2: Twist both pieces across the shoulder

Step 3: Cross straps and twist until you reach the waist

Step 4: Wrap straps around the front and back and secure in a knot.

dodos-multiple-way-dress5THE KIMONO

Step 1: Take both pieces at the front and pull towards the neck.

Step 2: Let the fabric of each piece fall down to create a cape-like sleeve.

Step 3: Wrap around the back and pull through to the front , around the waist band and take to the back

Step 4: Secure in a knot

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