Tips on how to walk In Heels from Zendaya Coleman

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Zendaya ana shoe line yake mwenyewe inayoitwa DAYA and alipokuwa kwa moja ya interview zake aliombwa kushare . Tips moja wapo ya kuwalk in heels .ZendayaColeman (2)

What’s your best tip for walking confidently in heels? And for tall girls, in particular? 

ZENDAYA: Don’t be afraid to practice in heels. When you’re cleaning your room or when you’re doing the dishes, wear some heels around the house so you get comfortable walking in them. And if you’re tall, people are going to comment on you being tall, whether you like it or not. So you might as well be extra tall—you might as well look fabulous while they comment!

There you have it inabidi upractice practice more wanasema practice make it better so ukiosha vyombo,ukiwa una deki au kupima ,walking around the house ukiwa umevaa heels hivyo itakufanya uweze ku master kutembea na heels comfortably.

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stay tuned will bring you more tips soon.

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