The Four Jeans Style Tips We are Stealing from Irene Kiwia

She is a woman who many women,girls look up,ni moja ya watu wanaomotivate wanawake na kuwa empower pia kupitia TWAA Tanzania women of  Achievement Awards,akiwa pia ni CEO-Frontline Management.

Well haya ni machache but kwenye mambo ya style yupo vizuri though mwenyewe anasema anachovaa ndo kiko kwenye fashion kwakwe,meaning hafati trends .

We love her office looks but leo naomba twende kwenye casual style yake,especially how she style her skinny jeans .

1.You can ditch your sneakers and go for oxford shoes

we all know viatu rahisi vya flat wengi wanvaa na jeans ni sneakers but learn from Irene you can look so good in a chiffon top,ripped jeans and lace up oxford shoes 

2.Make you cropped blazer as top

sometimes you just need a statement piece,and we love how Irene turned her cropped blazer to a top and went so well with her look

3.Add print

Yasssssss to the prints,they brighten out day,kama hizi Leopard prints loafers and you can never go wrong with this print

4.Give your jeans an office like look with a white shirt and a blazer

hope you liked the tips

how do you style your jeans??

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