Two Ways Waweza Ku Style Suti yako Accoding to Petite Man

With outfits waweza kuvaa as many time as you want,but kua pia na option ya kustyle the pieces differently but in this case Petite Mana ametusaidia sababu ameonyesha the two ways waweza kuvaa suit yako na ukapendeza sana.Kuvaa nguo the same way kuna chosha na unaweza uichukie hata nguo yako.

The two ways he style his pink suit,kwa style hizi si lazima pink suit waweza vaa with any suit of any color.


with a black turte neck 

a very simple look tena na kipindi hiki cha mvua itakua amazing sana


With a white shirt and striped tie matching his socks 

which one do you like most???

NB waweza vaa na t shirt pia

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