Utaipenda Kampeni ya Miaka 10 ya Designer Victoria Beckham

VB Since 2018

Designer ,Mama na mke Victoria Beckham anasherehekea miaka 10 tangu kuanza kwa label yake ya VB mwaka 2018.

Victoria amepost kwenye instagram yake akisema This season marks the 10 year anniversary of my brand! When Marc Jacobs featured me coming out of a shopping bag a decade ago it really was just the beginning of my journey into the fashion industry. So what better way to illustrate the story of the past ten years than by revisiting the creative? So excited to share this campaign with you shot by the brilliant Juergen Teller. Head to the link in my bio to shop the limited edition tee featuring the campaign x VB #VBSince08

Nimependa sana hii campaign ,hizi bags zake 

love the creativity

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