Vanessa Mdee is giving us the $10000 Saint Laurent Crystal Boots Feel like Beyonce,Rihanna ,Kendall Jenner and others

Its  2018 and Vanessa Mdee amelinzisha with a good vibe and we are here for it.She rocked an all silver,glitter,sequined look akiwa amepoz na mpenzi wake Juma Jux .

the boots gave us the Saint Laurent Crystal Boots vibes japo hizi sio the real ones but well ni mfanano wake ,the orgianal ones zinacost $100000 whichi is 4.5 Million .

loved this look she looks so nice along side her baby

this is how the original ones looks

Wasanii kibao wamevaa



Kendall Jenner

Celine Dion

they go well with dresses too

Rita Ora

Cardi B

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