Victoria Beckham Can Get Away with 3 Outfits in a Day

When your VB then its no suprising kama utavaa nguo na usikae ukarudia hata mwaka mzima,sababu you can afford it and your a designer there is always something new to wear .

she is her own best advertisement maana akivaa tu watu wanaenda saka hizo nguo,recently alikua New York kumtembelea mtoto wake Brooklyn and just for 1 day alivaa nguo tatu.

Look one in this geometric print top and skirt look that is part of her autumn/winter 2017 collection ,she paired it with maroon ankle boot heels


she always wear these glasses out

Look two

in this bright orange two piece outfit 

anaboaga na hizi nguo zake zinaburuza chini

Look 3

re rocking her boots again with a nice turtleneck dress


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