We cant get enough of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Smiles, they are a power couple for sure

Prince Harry and bride to be Meghan Markle walikaribishwa na umati mkubwa sana wa watu ambapo walikua wanaenda kwenye Reprezent FM and Meghan looked amazing for her second public appearence tangu wawe engaged and this time around she chose a wide leg pants and a black top kwa nje sababu ya baridi she wore a jacket and a huge comfy scarf .

Reprezent Fm which provides young people with training in media skills and was set up in 2011 in response to rising knife crime in London.Their love for young people and they are doing a great job in inspiring them.

By the way the weddining is in May 19 in Windsor,sie tunaposubiri tu kuona atavaa nini ,na nani atamvisha one thing for sure atapendeza.

By the Way amefuta account zake zote kwenye social Media instagram,facebook,tweeter na hata website yake pia ameifunga ndo mambo ya kuolewa na royals.


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