Where are my bros at????Men’s Rompers are here Will you be rocking???

Majuu wanajiandaa kwa summer sasa hivi .

they way hizi rompers zimepokelewa its crazy

So where are my bros at???so ROMPHIM ni kampuni exclusive for men ambapo wana line ya Shorty Jumpsuits ,wanawake tumekua tunapenda hii style sana ila kwa sasa wanaume nao wako ready ku embrace hii side.

How ready??the company has already raised more than $45,000 on Kickstarter

“We … got to talking about the men’s clothing options out there. Everything was either too corporate…too fratty…too ‘runway’ or too basic,” the design team said in its online fundraising pitch. We “just wanted more rompers in the world.”

The company promises to start shipping its romphims to buyers in July.

Haya wakaka kazi kwenu we will be here watching Romphim

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